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ZSpaces is a meeting space rental service based in San Francisco, California. The ZSpaces mobile app helps businesses and entrepreneurs find and book the right meeting spaces.


After launching their mobile app, the new startup needed a professional website to promote its services to entrepreneurs, freelancers and space owners.

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Designed a professional website for ZSpaces to promote their on-demanding meeting room booking mobile app. We designed the homepage to highlight product value propositions with clear call-to-actions. After enhacing their website, ZSpaces increased app downloads and bookings.



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Need A Meeting Space?

Need a quiet meeting room with a screen and reliable WiFi connection? Find and book meeting spaces with ZSpaces.

Meeting Spaces On-Demand.

ZSpaces is a meeting room booking mobile app that allows you to book meeting rooms anywhere, anytime. 

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Alerts & Calendar Integration

Smart Displays, Video Conference

Private & Sound-Proof

Smart Lock Automated Access

High Speed, Reliable WiFi

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Be A ZSpace Host.


Are you a real estate owner? Have extra space?

ZSpace provides meeting room pods for sale or rent.

Generate additional revenues today.

ZSpace Media

Learn more about ZSpace's unique solutions. We have solutions for real estate owners, entrepreneurs, conference organisers and advertisers.

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