An International Fashion Label

& Social Media Marketing

An international fashion label's story of leveraging on social media as it expands into a new geography and markets to a new target audience.


The label's design philosophy is to be stylish and practical for the modern woman. Their signature use of lace, embroidery and floral motifs to exude femininity has been recognized in many parts of the world. The brand distributes its collections mainly through departmental stores around the world but retains its own online store.


Since its expansion into Asia, there has been little traction and low brand awareness. The brand will launch its Spring / Summer collection through a series of fashion shows in major Asian cities and wants to use social media to promote their brand.

"Asian consumers are very brand conscious and large fashion brands such as Christian Dior and LVMH spend millions each year on marketing.


Although our marketing budget is a fraction of these brands, we want to maximize marketing dollar and build brand awareness among young, upper middle class consumers in Asia."

The Goals

Social Media Marketing Services to Build Brand Awareness.

Build brand awareness with upper middle class

Social Media Marketing Services to promote products and services.

Promote Spring / Summer collection

Social Media Marketing Services that delivers results and increases sales.

Drive long term sales in Asia

Market & Consumer Insights

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average social media penetration in APAC


upper middle income consumers in Asia

by 2020


Instagram users engage with brands regularly


of spending annually from upper middle income consumers


Facebook users are between 18 to 34 years

Upper Middle

consumers are 

sophisticated & willing to pay for premium products

Our Solutions

Use social media to build brand awareness and engage with target audience; young, upper middle class consumers in Asia.

Social Media Marketing Services to build brand awareness and customer engagement.

Implemented a 30-day Facebook and Instagram campaign to promote their Spring / Summer collection and fashion shows.

Socia Media Marketing Services. Facebook and Instagram Marketing campaigns to promote products and events.

Social media content such as photos, videos, articles and influencer-generated content of the fashion shows.

Social Media Marketing Services. Content writing and account management services.

Proper hash tagging and relevant keywords were used to drive website traffic and reach target audience.

Social Media Marketing with proper hash tagging and relevant keywords to drive website traffic and reach target audience.

The Results

"Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and brand."


Instagram followers in two months


increase in social

media likes


Facebook followers in two months


increase in social media engagement (comments and shares)


articles posted on social media with links


videos posted on YouTube with over 1,000 views