A Fintech's Story of

Search Engine Optimization

This is a story about a fintech startup that helps businesses raise funds through equity crowdfunding.


The startup manages deals in Asia Pacific worth over US$100 million by offering investors various investment options such as equity, convertible bonds, revenue sharing and limited partnerships.


In 2016, the CEO announced his plans to open up the private investments platform to the broader market instead of relying on the current networks.

"In the shorter term, we will continue ‎to learn from market feedback and tweak our platform... In the longer term, there is an opportunity to open up investments to the broader market."

The Goals

Brand Consulting Services. Building brand awarenes.

Build brand awareness

Web Design & Web Development Services. Design a custom website to drive website traffic and generate sales leads.

Engage with potential investors

SEO & SEM. Driving both paid search traffic and organic website traffic.

Drive website traffic

Digital Marketing Solutions. Drive business and increase revenues.

Increase committed

Website Audit Insights

We work with our customers to evaluate the effectiveness of their websites. Your business can benefit from our website audit to understand how well your website is optimized for search engines.


optimized website with responsive design


page speed was slow compared to best-in-class speed of 3s


website is encrypted to protect visitors


page requests is higher than the average of 30 requests


website not optimized with meta description


Facebook posts for the whole year

Our Solutions

SEO optimize current website's meta description with relevant keywords, reduce page requests from 88 to 25 and page speed from 8.9 to 2.3 seconds.

SEO Optimization Services. Increase page speed and enhance website performance.

Leveraged on content marketing. Created 20 investments related articles and post on high authority sites with proper backlinks and anchor texts.

Content Marketing Services. Writing engaging articles and posting on high authority websites with backlinks and anchor texts.

Use social media to engage with target audience. Implemented a 7-day Facebook and LinkedIn marketing campaign to drive brand awareness, website traffic and increase engagement.

Social Media Marketing. Facebook and LinkedIn marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness, website traffic and engagement.

The Results

"Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are critically important to online b businesses. You can spend every dollar you have on a website, but it will be for nothing if nobody knows its there."


incremental committed investments


reduction in website bounce rates


daily unique visitors (from organic traffic)


average time spent on website (up from 120s)


increase in referral traffic from backlinks and social media


webpages viewed per session (up from 1.9 pages)