A T-Shirt Design Company

Search Marketing

  An online t-shirt design and printing company is looking for ways to promote its products and services in an increasingly competitive environment.


The company allows customers to customize their t-shirt designs using online tools on their website. They then deliver to customers in United States within a day.


Although the company has well designed website and user-friendly design tool, they are facing intense competition from both local and overseas vendors. They want to reinforce their unique selling proposition of high quality products, easy customization and faster delivery to drive sales.

"We are a company of dreamers. We are not just designing and printing t-shirts, we are helping people make memories.


We started the company from the ground and are constantly improving to deliver higher quality products with faster turnaround times through our easy-to-use online platform."

The Goals

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to build brand awareness.

Build brand awareness

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to promote products and services and increase sales.

Promote products and services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to drive sales and increase revenues.

Drive sales of products and services

Market & Consumer Insights

We work with our customers to incorporate business specific information with market insights. Your business can benefit from our website audit and market research solutions to gain a better understanding of your market, customers and competitors.


website was optimized for search


of marketing budgets are spent on search, 31% on paid and 18% on SEO


increase in click throughs when search marketing is integrated with SEO


U.S. spending on paid and organic campaigns by 2019


emails of previous customers for email marketing


higher response rates with remarketing ads

Our Solutions

Setup and managed a search marketing campaign using Google AdWords. Including testing of different ad extensions, contextual targeting and various ad copies to achieve higher ROI.

Setup and Manage Search Marketing (SEM) campaigns using Google AdWords.

Setup and managed a remarketing campaign on Google Display Network (GDN) to retarget customers who have previously visited the website with product specific ads.

Setup and manage remarketing campaigns using Google AdWords.

Designed and implemented an email marketing campaign and sent promotional email to 80K existing customers.

Design and implement email marketing campaigns. Design professional email templates, email copywriting, send bulk emails.

The Results

"Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are critically important to online businesses. You can spend every dollar you have on a website, but it will be for nothing if nobody knows its there."


increase in revenues after one month


decrease spending on Google AdWords


increase in conversion rates after a month


decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)


open rate for email marketing


click-through rate for email marketing