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Walmart Grocery Pickup Commercial Features Classic Movie Cars

Walmart goes all geeky with its newest marketing campaign. The commercial which debut during NBC’s Golden Globes broadcast features famous movie vehicles; from the Jurassic Park Jeep to Flintstone’s car and Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine.

Walmart wanted to highlight the “magic moment” when employees load the groceries into their customers’ trunks with its new Grocery Pickup service. The marketing message clearly shows that ordering groceries online is both convenient and free; everyone can do it.

"The biggest and first-ever cross-platform national marketing campaign for Walmart Grocery Pickup." said Barbara Messing, Walmart U.S. Chief Marketing Officer

In a blog post, Messing said that Walmart worked with Hollywood studios to ensure that “the famous cars looked just like what our customers knew from the films, while demonstrating the ease, speed and convenience of the service and that it’s for everyone, regardless of what car you drive.”

For this campaign, Walmart adopted an omni-channel approach, leveraging on TV commercials, social media, digital videos, radio and in-store signage to reach their target audience; time-starved families.

"By sharing a consistent message across a variety of platforms, we’re confident we’ll be able to convince even more customers to give Walmart Grocery Pickup a shot," Messing added.

In the video, the DeLorean time machine from "Back to the Future" says, “It’s the future Michael”. But are online groceries really the future?

The battle for the online grocery market is intensifying. Sales for online groceries have already doubled in the past 5 years and are projected to quadruple by 2023. And increasingly a one-size-fits-all approach does not seem to be working for the 326 million customers in the United States.

Like many online retailers, Walmart has been experimenting with ridesharing, autonomous vehicles, partnerships with DoorDash and Postmates and even in-home deliveries in a bid to get ahead of the competition. Its latest service, Walmart Grocery Pickup has already acquired millions of customers nationwide.

In the coming years, the online grocery market is set to get even more competitive with incumbents like Amazon and Walmart vying for customer’s wallet share as well as new startups like Brandless, Farmstead and Imperfect Produce offering customers a refreshing alternative.

Will Batman still use Walmart's Grocery Pickup service? Stay-tuned!