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Top 7 Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

More than 25 million businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool (from Instagram). Before you jump straight in and launch your Instagram marketing campaign, stop and think about data analytics. Every good marketing strategy has to be data-driven and not based on gut feeling. You need data analytics to tell you how well your marketing campaign is going and how to make it even better.

Instagram has 800 million active users, users like 4.2 billion posts and share 95 million posts per day (from Instagram). With such a wealth of customer information, every marketer should be equipped with the skills and Instagram Analytics tools. We have reviewed the top 7 free Instagram analytics tools for you. Tools that will help you understand your customers and how to engage with your target audience.

Comparison Table: Top 7 Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

Instagram Insights

After you have set up your Instagram business account, you will be able to access Instagram Insights for free. Instagram Insight provides most of the basic statistics needed to evaluate your account. From weekly trends of followers, impressions, reach and referrals to demographic details of your audience to your top posts. The feature even gives you insights on when your followers are active.

The only downside is that you won’t get an overview on all the important statistics and have to navigate the app to find all the information you are looking for. Instagram Insights is not available on desktop and does not allow users to download data as an excel file. Some metrics such as average engagement per posts will have to be calculated manually.

Image: Instagram Insights Report

Simply Measured

Getting a free Instagram report from Simply Measured can be challenging. You have to go through quite a few steps. You have to login to your Instagram account, provide your personal details, follow them on Twitter and provide more information before the report is emailed to you. But the report is detailed and well design and well worth the hassle.

The report is a good resource for understanding audience engagement. It provides insights on engagement trends, engagement per follower and splits likes and comments for photos and videos. Another useful feature is the keywords mentioned in the comments, providing insights into what customers are saying. Finally, the optimal posting day and time is presented in a beautiful chart.

Image: Simply Measured Free Instagram Analytics Report (from Simply Measured)


Squarelovin offers a free basic Instagram analytics tool. You can access the analytics tool by signing up for a free account. After account verification, you can add your Instagram account to your dashboard.

The report is well designed and easy to understand. It provides insights on the best and worst time to post on your account to achieve higher engagement rates. In terms of engagement, the report provides engagement trends (i.e. likes and comments) and your top posts. Squarelovin also provides a comparison between the hashtags you use and popular hashtags. You can use this hashtag information and optimize your hash tagging strategy.

Image: Squarelovin Free Instagram Analytics Report

Union Metrics

Union Metrics offers a free Instagram account check-up. Although the report isn’t very comprehensive, it provides useful information such as optimal time for posts and the top hashtags with the most engagement. The report also highlights your most engaged followers to remind you to focus on them.

Image: Union Metrics Free Instagram Check-Up Report


For a free socialbakers report, you need to login to your Instagram and complete a short survey form with your personal information. The report is fairly simple and provides you with information such as your most liked posts, most commented posts and top hashtags used. It also provides a graph showing the distribution of posts per month. The report is far too simple for most marketers to derive any insights from their Instagram accounts.

Image: Socialbakers Free Instagram Analytics Report

Social Blade

Social Blade is a simple and easy-to-use online platform that allows you to track user statistics for YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Just enter your Instagram username and the website will generate your report. The report provides an overview of your account and the number of followers over the year. Social Blade has an interesting feature that allows you to compare your follower growth with your competitors. A huge limitation of this platform is that the information is limited to followers.

Image: Social Blade Free Instagram Follower Trend


Keyhole is an online platform that allows users to track Instagram hashtags, accounts, keywords and mentions. The free report provides an overview of your Instagram account, engagements per post, top posts and hashtags by engagement and most frequently used hashtags. If you want to access the follower growth chart and optimal post time table, you have to provide your personal details to sign-up for a free 3-day trial.

Image: Keyhole Free Instagram Analytics Report

The Final Verdict

For the budget conscious marketer, the best option is to use Instagram Insights together with engagement data from Simply Measured. Use data analytics today to optimize your Instagram marketing today. With many free Instagram analytics tools, you can easy collect and analyse social media data to drive better engagement.

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