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Is Press Release Syndication Effective For SEO?

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

What exactly is Press Release Syndication? In traditional press, news articles are distributed to media channels (e.g. newspapers, television) to be broadcast. In terms of SEO, PR agencies write news articles for companies and broadcast them via PR websites (e.g. PR Newswire) in hopes that traditional media picks up the article.

In the past, this method was very effective for increasing your search engine ranking by increasing the number of links to websites and as a result increasing web traffic. Everyone started to create many links to their websites, which resulted in spam. In 2005, Google implemented "nofollow" links for PR sites, blog comments, social media and changed its algorithm such that hyperlinks with rel="nofollow" would not influence the webpage's PageRank.

The change would leave most people wondering, is Press Release Syndication still an effective SEO tactic? We will share 5 ways you can get value out of Press Releases.

1. Quality Content

Search engine algorithm sorts out relevant content to improve the quality of their search results. Over the years, PR sites have increased the quality of their articles to gain back trust and authority from search engines. Write articles that are to the point, with relevant keywords and with a link to your website. Search engine visitors will still be directed to your website through the reference link.

2. Choose Reputable PR Websites

Instead of blasting your article to hundreds of PR websites, select and publish it on the top 3-5 PR websites (e.g. PR Newswire, PR Web). Publishing on spam PR websites can have detrimental effect on your website's reputation.

3. Avoid Spinning Content or Article Spinning

Spinning content means to rewrite articles slightly to make each one unique. However, with the current search engine algorithms, duplicate content will negatively impact your ranking. As such, always write original content.

4. Re-align Expectations

The current reality is that Press Release Syndication will no longer generate a lot of link juice. You won't be seeing huge spikes in your search rankings from PR links, but still serves as a referral for visitors to click through to your website.

5. Go Direct

Alternatively, send your press release articles directly to reports or newspapers. Do not rely solely on Press Release Syndication sites to publish your article. This will give you the best chance of getting your story out and drive online traffic.

Although Press Release Syndication has lost some of its effectiveness in terms of SEO, there are still benefits to be gained from publishing your article through PR websites. To maximize the effectiveness of PRS, ensure that your content is relevant, high quality, original and directs visitors to your website. Read our article to learn effective SEO tips.

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