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How To Create An Instagram Business Account?

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Why create an Instagram Business Account? More than 200 million users visit at least one Instagram Business profile daily. And 60% of people say they discover new products and services through Instagram.

Reach millions of users with your Instagram account. Grow followers, drive engagement and generate sales with visually appealing posts.

Don't have an account? Then follow these 5 Simple Steps and create your Instagram Business Account today.

1. Download Instagram App

Download the Instagram app from iTunes App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store. Instagram is currently not available for desktops. Once you have installed the app, open it and sign up.

2. Signing Up

Before you switch to a business account, you have to sign up for a regular Instagram account. Sign up easily with your email address or Facebook account. Complete your profile by adding a profile picture, full name, password and creating a username. The username you choose should be easy to remember and reflects your brand.

Steps To Sign Up For An Instagram Personal Account

3. Switch to Business Account

Within the Instagram app, go to your profile, then settings and select Switch to Business Profile. You will be prompted to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook. This will help you manage both social media networks and achieve a consistent brand image.

Steps To Switch To An Instagram Business Account

Once you have created your business account, you can add important business information like store hours, business address or a phone number for customers to contact you directly.

Adding Business Information To Instagram Account

4. Post, Like, Comment & Follow

Start posting engaging content with relevant hashtags and start following your target audience. Get noticed and grow your Instagram followers with Vorbly's social media marketing services.

Start Creating Content For Your Instagram

5. Measure Growth & Engagement

After you have set up your Instagram business account, you will be able to access Instagram Insights for free. Instagram Insight provides most of the basic statistics needed to evaluate your account. From weekly trends of followers, impressions, reach and referrals to demographic details of your audience and top posts. For more information on Instagram Insights and other free Instagram analytics tools, check out our blog post.

Instagram Insights - Data Analytics For Your Business Account

Get Started Today!

Grow your Instagram followers by posting engaging content, following your target audience, liking and commenting other posts by location and demographics. Download the Instagram app from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store or Windows Store and build your influence with Instagram Marketing.

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