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How To Create a Facebook Business Page?

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

Starting your own business and need to get the word out? Start by creating a Facebook Business Page. We have 5 simple steps to help you create your Facebook Business Page.

1. Describe Your Business

Firstly, go to Facebook to create your business page. You will need a personal Facebook account before you create a business page.

Select the category that best fits your business (e.g. local business, company or brand). Each category helps Facebook organize pages and provides relevant fields for your Facebook business page.

Information required:

  1. Local Business or Place: Name, Category (e.g. Pet Cafe), Address, Phone

  2. Company, Organization or Institution: Category (e.g. Travel), Company Name

  3. Brand or Product: Category (e.g. Electronics), Name

  4. Artist, Band or Public Figure: Category (e.g. Actor), Name

  5. Entertainment: Category (e.g. Magazine), Name

  6. Cause or Community: Name

For this tutorial, we will select local business or place. We will create a new Facebook Business Page for a local business, Lola's Pet Cafe. Small businesses like Lola's Cafe can benefit from building brand awareness on Facebook. With 2.1 billion active users, Facebook is one of the world's largest social media platform.

Before creating your Facebook Business Page, we recommend that you carefully select your page name. Although Facebook allows you to change your business name and URL once, it is a challenging and tedious process.

2. Add Profile & Cover Photos

Next you will be asked to upload a profile picture. Your profile picture serves as the main visual icon for your business page when people search for your business. We recommend that you use your business logo. The recommended size of the image should be 170 x 170 pixels.

Next, upload your cover photo. This is the large, horizontal banner at the top of your Facebook Business Page. Typically, this is a branded image to help attract people to your Facebook Business Page. The recommended dimensions should be 851 pixels wide X 315 pixels tall with an JPG image size of 100 kilobytes. To help you create your brand logo and cover photo, Vorbly has branding solutions perfect for businesses.

3. Add Description

Your Facebook Business Page is almost ready!

Add a short description so visitors can learn more about your business. Be concise. You only have 155 characters to convince customers to click on your business page.

4. Write Engaging Content

Write and share engaging articles, photos and videos. Everyone loves pages with interesting and fresh content. Attract more visitors by publishing more content on your Facebook Business Page. If you need help with content creation and copywriting, check out Vorbly's content marketing solutions.

Facebook has recently introduce new post types including offers, discounts, lists, supporting nonprofit causes, events and polls. When writing posts, be sure to add a variety of content. What would your audience be interested in reading? Would a video be more effective in promoting your products and services? You can also move featured posts to the top of your Facebook Page by clicking "Pin to Top of Page". Use this feature for new products, announcements and brand events.

Learn how to write effective articles, check out our blog post.

5. Measure Growth & Engagement

What are the benefits of a Facebook Business Page vs Personal Page? One of the most important benefits of a Facebook Business Page is the data analytics and insights that Facebook provides. You will be to see key metrics like the number of people reached, engagement level and click through rates for each post.

Get started today! Invite your friends and colleagues to like your new page to build up some initial activity. By inviting supporters and advocates to like your new page, it will generate some activity and get customers more interested in your offerings.

Go to Facebook and start your business page today!

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