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How Brands Support Diversity For Pride 2018?

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Diversity has been a hot-button topic especially for brands and marketers. As the public's views on gender roles, race and religion evolve and countries increasingly become a melting pot of cultures, brands need to redefine themselves to stay relevant.

Brands build an image of inclusion, equity and diversity for many reasons. Some use the positive branding to attract top talent and while others use it to engage with their customers.

Can brands afford to remain neutral on these social issues? No.

Majority of consumers feel that brands should take an active stand on social issues such as gender equality, race and LGBTQ rights.

"While 44% of respondents said they would purchase more from a brand when they agreed with the company's social or political views."

How Brands Are Promoting Diversity In 2018?

1. Hopping On The Pride Parade Bandwagon

We had the privilege to cover and join the Chicago Pride Parade 2018. The Pride Parade was an amazing day as people and brands came together to celebrate diversity and the freedom of choice and expression.

Global brands like Google, T-Mobile and Bank of America joined the Chicago Pride Parade with their rainbow floats and passionate employees.

While some brands left a lasting impression, others lacked genuineness and effort. These brands were in the parade for one reason; to promote their products and services. Will their lacklustre performance have a negative impact on consumer sentiments? Probably.

2. Social Media #Pride2018

Social media brands like Instagram and Facebook have joined the festivities and celebrate Pride Month with cool new features such as Facebook profile frames and Instagram filters.

Other brands like Converse launched their social media marketing campaigns by partnering celebrities in support of LGBTQ causes.

On June 5, Converse announced its partnership with Miley Cyrus on its 2018 Converse Pride Collection, creating rainbow-themed apparel designed for Pride Month celebrations.

The 2018 Converse Pride campaign, also features a collection of specially designed posters using statements from members of the LGBTQ community. Pride supporters can visit the converse website and download these posters.

3. Merchandising & In-Store Promotions

As part of their annual LGBTQ campaign, Macy's Pride + Joy Campaign 2018 features a collection of exclusive pride merchandise available in-stores and on their website.

Simply marketing and selling pride related merchandise is not enough to convince the modern customer. Instead, Macy's showcased its long-standing commitment to diversity, equality, inclusion and respect for its employees and customers.

4. Donations To LGBTQ Causes

In celebration of Pride Month, several brands chose to donate to LGBTQ causes.

AT&T donated one million dollars to The Trevor Project, a LGBTQ+ crisis intervention charity. The donation will go towards helping The Trevor Project combat youth suicides by providing LGBTQ youths with proper counseling.

Although donations are still relevant in any brand's PR toolkit, brands should do their homework and donate to the right cause. Brands should also consider if donating a large amount to one charity or smaller amounts to multiple charities would be more effective.

What's Next For Diversity?

Brands should continue to support diversity and social issues, take a stand and make a genuine, consistent effort to engage with their customers. Using various channels such as events, social media and press releases, marketers will be able to build a build a brand image of inclusion, equity and diversity.

Thank you for reading! Happy Pride 2018! #Pride2018

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