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Get Creative With 6-Second Video Ads

Updated: May 9, 2018

YouTube Bumper Ads. 6 Second Video Ads.

In a world of short-form content and ever decreasing attention spans, a 30-second non-skippable ad on a 45-second video clip is a terrible user experience.

As the type of content that people consume change, videos ads have evolved to stay relevant. And YouTube is revolutionizing video advertising with their 6-second bumper ads.

But how effective are these 6-second video ads? And how to maximize the effectiveness of bumper ads?

How Effective Are 6-Second Video Ads?

Well, YouTube definitely thinks that they are effective.

“Some brands ask what kind of an impression they can actually make in six seconds but on 300 mobile bumper campaigns that we tested, 90 percent saw lift in ad recall, so clearly it’s working” - Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer, YouTube

Are advertisers jumping on the bandwagon?

Kyncl added that “In just over a year, one in three customers are using bumpers to get their message across on YouTube.”

Why Short-Form Video Ads?

Firstly, it is harder to ignore content that is presented in a short time. By the time the viewer has identified the brand, it is practically over.

With only 6 seconds, short-form ads forces brands to be concise and deliver a clear brand message. This makes short-form ads more effective than the typical 30-second commercials.

When used repeatedly in a series of short-form ads, video ads can be more effective for delivering brand recall than other advertising formats.

Are Short-Form Ads Suitable For Every Brand?

Although short form ads have their merits, they also have certain limitations.

Firstly, 6 seconds is a really short time for some brands to tell a powerful story or create an emotional story-line. Often a great story captures the viewer's attention, creates tension and ends with a resolution that depicts the brand as the hero.

Second, a 6-second ad is unlikely to achieve all brand objectives (e.g. build brand awareness, educate customers, promote a new product). As such, brands still have to adopt an omni-channel marketing strategy to meet all brand objectives.

Finally, brands must measure the performance of their video ads and understand how consumers respond to them. Increasingly, consumers have gone "banner blind" to digital advertising, including short-form ads.

How To Create Effective 6-Second Video Ads?

The best advice for creating effective ad bumpers is not to cut your 15 or 30 second video to 6 seconds.

By doing that, you will end up diluting your marketing message and confusing viewers. Instead, leverage on sequential storytelling for your videos.

What Is Sequential Storytelling?

Creating a series of short and long video ads by combining small scenes into a larger act to tell the whole brand story. Although sequential storytelling is not a new concept, it has gained popularity in recent years.

Sequential storytelling with YouTube's 6-second bumper ads.

When you combine several 6-second videos, your marketing message becomes clearer. Short-form messaging also allows brands to be more creative and drive greater brand awareness and deepen engagement.

YouTube recently launch the 2018 Sundance Ad Challenge to task global creative agencies to retell classic fairy tales using 6 second, 15 second and long-form video formats.

Watch the Best Sequential Fairy Tales:

2018 Sundance Ad Challenge Submissions:

  1. Goldilocks & The Three Bears (By 72ANDSUNNY Sydney)

  2. The Ugly Duckling (By BBH London)

  3. Hansel & Gretel (By BBH China X Eagle Media)

  4. The 3 Little Pigs (By Energy BBDO)

  5. Jack & The Beanstalk (By F/NAZCA)

  6. Little Red Riding Hood (By Grey)

  7. Puss In Boots (By HECHO EN 72)

  8. Beauty & The Beast (By J. Walter Thompson New York)

  9. Thumbelina (By Ogilvy Mumbai)

  10. Rapunzel (By Ogilvy London)

  11. Snow White (By Publicis New York)

  12. Cinderella (By TBWA\ CHIAT\ DAY)

  13. Rumpelstiltskin (By The Richards Group)

Create Unique Brand Experiences With 6-Second Video Ads

Get started and create your own series of 6-second video ads to increase brand awareness and brand recall. Although short-form advertisements may not be for every brand, it is effective in targeting Millennials and Gen Z as they interact on YouTube and social media.

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