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14 Tips For Effective Email Marketing

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Do you have a product or service that you want to promote using email marketing? Email marketing is a simple and effective marketing communication channel. With over 3.7 billion email users worldwide, you will be able to reach most of your customers (from statista). A survey conducted showed that 77% of customers preferred email as a form of marketing communications (from marketingprofs).

Now, that we know that email marketing is effective, how to we optimize it? In this article, we will share essential statistics and effective tips that can help you improve your email marketing campaigns.

Subject Line

  • 6-10 words in subject line has the highest open rate of 21%. (from marketingprofs)

  • Creating a sense of urgency is effective. (from mailchimp)

  • 26% higher open rate with personalized subject lines. (from marketingprofs)

  • 47% of marketers test alternate subject lines to optimize email marketing performance. You should test different subject lines, content and call-to-actions and fine tune your campaign. (from marketingprofs)

Email Design

  • 64% of people prefer rich text emails. (from hubspot)

  • 64% enjoy personalized offers such as discounts or coupons. (from salesforce)

  • 79% like product recommendations such as cheap flight tickets. (from salesforce)

  • 28% higher conversion rates by including a call to action button. (from marketingprofs)

Email Lists Segmentation

  • 39% higher open rates for targeted emails. You should overlay email lists with behavioral and demographic data to increase effectiveness. (from marketingprofs)

  • 42% of marketers say they do not segment their email messages. And only 4% layer their customer targeting with behavioral data. (from marketingprofs)

Mobile Optimized

  • 91% of internet users used smartphones to check their emails at least once a day. (from marketingprofs)

  • 31% of users check their email with an Apple iPhone. And 22% check their emails on Gmail. (from emailclientmarketshare)

Email Frequency

  • 49% of customers want to receive promotional emails weekly. 40% monthly. And only 11% daily. Sending too many promotional emails can cause fatigue and un-subscriptions. (from statista)

  • 5.5 marketing emails per month is the average across industries. With some industries sending up to 12.2 emails per month. (from marketingprofs)

Start Using Email Marketing

By optimizing the subject line, email content, list segmentation, mobile devices, mailing frequency, you will be able to implement an effective email marketing campaign to increase conversion rates and drive sales.

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