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Our Booster Pack is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs, social influencers who want to drive website traffic through SEO optimization and content marketing.





"SEO is becoming a everyday part of marketing, the same way TV, radio and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics." 


Our SEO Package will help you achieve higher search ranking and drive organic traffic to your website. We will audit your website, provide an actionable SEO plan and conduct keyword research and analysis. 

1. SEO Audit

Gain a better understanding of your website's strengths and weaknesses. We will evaluate both on-page and off-page factors such as titles, meta descriptions, H1, H2, H3 headings, internal links, focused keywords, robot.txt or XML sitemap and external backlinks to help you optimize your website and rank higher (PageRank) on search engines.


Included: SEO audit report

2. SEO Action Plan

Get actionable insights from our website audit and start optimizing your website. The SEO action plan will help you avoid penalties, fix errors, identify broken links, remove duplicated content, add alt tags, mobile optimization and site performance checks. Rank higher on search engines and drive more website traffic today.

Included: SEO action plan

3. Keyword Research & Analysis

Get a list of focused keywords (long tail keywords) to optimize your website and implement cost effective search marketing campaigns. We will conduct keyword analysis and shortlist 25 focused keywords with information on competition level and bid price for all keywords to help sharpen your Google AdWords campaigns.

Included: 25 focused keywords, keyword competition analysis

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“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”

Write Articles & Blog Posts

Drive website traffic and engagement with engaging content. We will write 10 engaging articles and post them on high authority websites with dofollow backlinks to help increase your website's search ranking and drive traffic.

Included: Write 10 articles (500 words each), post on high authority sites with dofollow backlinks

Add One Article

Drive organic website traffic with more content. We will write an engaging article with a captivating title, clear call-to-action and use focused keywords.

Included: Write an article (1,500 words), a captivating title, clear call-to-action and use focused keywords

Add Images

Drive website traffic and increase engagement by adding stunning images to your articles. We will search for 25 photos to make your articles and website more visually appealing.

Included: Search for 25 high quality images for your articles or website


Note: All images will be royalty free and for commercial use

Add Website Content

Drive organic website traffic by optimizing your website content. We will conduct topic research, write engaging content and use focused keywords to SEO optimize your website. From your brand story to product pages to biographies, we will write content that matches your brand personality and deliver a clear, concise message to your audiences.

Included: Write 2,500 words of website content, for 5 webpages, use 5 focused keywords and conduct topic research

Content Marketing Services including writing articles, blog posts, website content with backlinks to high authority websites and dofollow backlinks.


From freelancers to small businesses to global brands, we help businesses grow. Learn about their success stories. And write your own success story today!