A Global Media Agency

Market Research & Analytics

An international media agency with offices in Chicago and Singapore has plans to expand to other major cities around the world.


They provide creative design, ad production and advertising services for corporations, local businesses and individuals.


The agency wants to understand customers' behavior, competitors’ strategy and how it can position itself for the next 5 years.

"In recent years, the media industry is undergoing disruptive changes with new digital tools and startups emerging...


Our 5 year plan is to embrace digitization, attracting and retaining talent, expanding our global footprint to new geographic areas and providing our clients with innovative solutions.


As such, it is critical to understand our customers, competitors and the market in order to gain market share."

The Goals

Market Research Services. Getting customer insights, cometitor analysis and industry insights.

Get customer, competitor & industry insights

Market Research Services. Sizing existing and new markets.

Determine new markets to expand

Market Research Services. Sizing market shares in existing markets.

Gain market share in existing markets

Market & Consumer Insights

We work with our customers to incorporate business specific information with market insights. Your business can benefit from our market research solutions to gain a better understanding of your market, customers and competitors.


Google's ad revenue in 2016, driven by paid search and display ads


top 10 major cities will contribute to growth in global ad spend


Facebook's ad revenue in 2016, driven by social media marketing


of internet usage is on a mobile device


China's ad spend driven by key players Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent


more engagement on mobile apps compared to mobile web

Our Solutions

Comprehensive market research that included market size, industry trends, key statistics, growth opportunity, SWOT analysis, customer profiles and detailed competitor analysis.

Market Research Services. Market research report with market sze, industry trends, growth opportunites, SWOT analysis, customer profiles and competitor analysis.

Customized marketing strategy with actionable recommendations for expansion to new markets and geographic locations.

Market Research Services. Customized marketing strategy with actionable recommendations.

The Results

"Failing to do proper market research can be detrimental for your brand. And companies that perform well are those that do their homework."


in global digital advertising spend or 38% of total ad spend


growth for display video advertisements


average YoY growth in total ad spend from 2017 to 2021


of total ad spend by

5 top industries


top cities with the most corporate HQ and most conducive for startups


closest competitors analyzed in detail