A Cafe's Story

Local Search Optimization

A new café opens in the heart of New York city with rustic décor and serving up artisanal coffee and delicious French pastries.


Launched in early 2017, the café sits in a quiet street with little traffic and is perfect for those who are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


However, the owners wanted to drive more in-store traffic to the café especially during weekends.

"When we left our professional careers to pursue our dreams of opening our own little café, we knew the journey would be challenging... Rachel and I were prepared to work through the night to make our dreams a reality.


Since we opened our doors, business has been slow. We were too busy in the kitchen and with the logistics that we had little time to spend on marketing. We want to promote and drive customers to our café, especially on weekends."

The Goals

Brand Consulting Services. Building brand awarenes.

Build brand awareness

Local SEO Solutions to drive store traffic and increase sales.

Drive traffic to the café

Local SEO Solutions to increase revenues.

Increase revenue

Market & Consumer Insights

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search for restaurant  info on smartphones before visiting


median income in the neighborhood


search for an outlet within walking or driving distance


residents were

working professionals


of existing customers are freelancers and students


residents were between

20 to 34 years old

Our Solutions

Designed a website that is SEO optimized and mobile responsive to provide directions, menu, prices, contacts and reviews.

Web Design and Web Development Services, local SEO and mobile responsive design.

Local SEO by optimizing website with geo terms (e.g. address, zipcode, local phone number).

Local SEO. Optimize website with geo terms.

Local business listings on YELP, Google Maps, BingPlaces for local search results and customer reviews.

Local Business Listing on Yelp, Google Maps, Bing Places to increase website and in-store traffic.

Use social media to engage with target audience. Implemented a 2-week Facebook and Instagram marketing to drive engagement.

Social Media Marketing Solutions. Facebook and Instagram Marketing to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

The Results

"More searches (on mobile devices) are looking for local businesses. Local SEO can help your business stand out in search results and meet an immediate need."


incremental sales after the first month


impressions on social media platforms


daily unique visitors to the website


new Instagram followers in one month


of visitors use mobile website browser


new Facebook followers in one month